Welcome to Fort Pitt Farms Christian Community! Even if this visit is only virtual, we trust you will be blessed by what you will see, read, and hear.

We are a conservative Christian community near Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada,  from Hutterite background that emphasizes obedience to Jesus Christ and the Gospel, while still respecting the individual and personal freedom of choice. 

This site is for people who wish to know more about who we are, what we believe, and what our purpose and vision is all about.   We are not trying to advertise our fellowship, but rather inspire the people of God to press onward. We are not saying, "Join us," but holding forth a standard in the midst of a moral, ethical, and spiritual landslide. Never before has the need for a spiritual, social, and moral framework been greater. Never before has the need for the people of God to hold hands and stand united against a spiritually and morally bankrupt civilization been more urgent. Therefore, we hope this website will inspire just that to all who encounter it.

God bless your journey.  


Past Issues of our Newsletter!

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